Who We Are

Collective Intelligence is the capacity of human collectives to engage in intellectual cooperation in order to create, innovate, and invent.” said Pierre Levis. But imagine how complex but fascinating will it be to bring Human and Artificial Intelligence all together.


μBrain for Multiple Brain or Brain in mutation is a research group. Cause when it comes to talk about Artificial Intelligence, we are mostly talking about research about how automation system can do more. We, at MuBrain, are focused on trying to define what common sens means for the business and where Collective Intelligence brings to common sens.

We are helping our customers for 20 years in adapting their information systems to evolve collaboration and exploit human collaboration at his best potential. This collaboration means usually change management and processes adaptation to stay as lean as possible.

More and more these systems needs to collaborate with some intelligence, both Human and Artificial Intelligence in the same business common sens comprehension.

This is what MuBrain Inc. attend to realize. Providing some solutions, guidance and advanced algorithms around this idea.

Collective Intelligence

Collaboration is a currently used buzz-word but what does it means exactly?

Is it just a question of creating connections and interactions between people?

Organizing human intelligence collaboration could become very complex when it comes to evaluate this intelligence value in the context of the business activity. But imagine when you need to add automated processes and systems to this equation, Even if most of this specialized systems and processes are not bringing any intelligence yet, and they will, matching these collaboration content is crucial to guarantee everyone could react and take the right decision for the business.

We think, this Collective Intelligence will bring to direct democratie in lots of new business structures before impacting the more global governing system all over the world.

Our Activities

We are developing and delivering our own tools to facilitate your Collective Intelligence. All of them are proudly maintain from Montréal, QC, Canada by a team of amazing people.

Our Publications

As a research group, most of our activity is to publish our results and conclusions.

When it comes to talk about our work, we are not just focusing on a specific topic but on collective intelligence in all the different verticals or industries.

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